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Contre Jour is a challenging and original physics-based puzzle game. The game centers around a creature named Petit who has to collects lights and find its way towards a swirly exit. However, instead of moving Petit yourself, you essentially have to manipulate the surrounding environment via pulling, swiping and using various landscape gadgetry such as tendrils and pulleys.

What you have with Contre Jour is a game that will feel familiar and yet include some innovative and exciting gameplay that genuinely sets it apart. Add to this recipe incredible music and buttery smooth graphics to obtain a game that is ‘experienced’ as much as it is played. Read on for more insight into this beautifully unique game.

Galaxy Pool features a blend of familiar gameplay and addictive challenge. In a nutshell it’s a kind of space physics game where you must direct a small space craft in the direction of a planet. You will need to utilise strategy, guile, good timing and a liberal dose of good luck to traverse the various obstacle in the way and levels only get more challenging as you progress.

If you’re fond of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (and let’s be honest, enough people are), this might well be your next addiction!