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The Beano and the The Dandy are treasured memories of my childhood. I loved those comic books. To the best of my knowledge they were only widely available in the UK and Ireland and still are. Ask any British male, between the ages of ten and eighty years old what the first comic they ever read was, and I can guarantee it was either a Beano or a Dandy.

When I was thirteen or so, a friend introduced me to a comic book store named Forbidden Planet. I must have spend every spare cent I had in that shop over the next few years. We’d sift through hundreds of back issues, crammed into long boxes all carefully preserved in their protective plastic sleeves. Hours upon hours were spent flipping through graphic novels, buying back issues and admiring the various artwork on display.

I still occasionally drop into Forbidden Planet. But, if my memory serves me right, I was around sixteen when life, school, work and the opposite sex put comic books at the back of the shelf. I never lost my love of comics though. Web comics are a particular indulgence of mine due to their plentiful supply and high procrastination value. Having them on your phone can only be a good thing, right? With that in mind, here’s a few of my favorite Android comic book applications.