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It’s no secret that I love technology. Technology surrounds me every minute of my life, and I spend a great deal of time interacting with it in a variety of contexts, whether that be working on my computer, browsing Reddit and the like on my tablet, or playing games on my console (and yes, I’m intentionally leaving out brand names because this article isn’t about any loyalties or rivalries).

Five years ago, smartphones (if you’d call them that) weren’t really common, and tablets as a popular consumer device were a thing of the future. Think about it: in just those few short years, we’ve gained two significant additions to our technological lives. Many other technology-related industries have also seen significant progress during the period, including TV offerings from Apple and Google.

This is great… except the devices are all separate. I’m looking forward to a future where I just have one core device and a range of different form factors.


When I think of Android devices, I typically think of tablets and slate phones, with the occasional sliding or fold-out keyboard. But because of Android’s flexible, open-source nature, it’s not been restricted to rectangles with big screens; the OS has been crammed on to all sorts of hardware.

Sometimes this can be a bad thing, as when hasty manufacturers stuck a phone version of Android onto cheap tablets without polishing it up. But other times, this can be really cool, and genuinely innovative.

In this article, I’d like to celebrate the range of hardware features that Android has let manufacturers experiment with – even if they weren’t all successful!