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Anything “mini” seems to be so popular these days. We have mini cars (think Mini Cooper), mini animal breeds (think toy poodles and Chihuahuas), and even mini candies (think miniature Snickers, etc.) Did you know there is such a thing as mini Android browsers? You may have come across one of them in the Play Store and thought the same thing I did the first time I saw one: “What in the world is a mini browser and what would you use it for?”


Smart phone users usually expect more from their mobile browsers. The way we view websites on desktops is not always the same pleasant experience when we use our phones’ smaller screens. With this demand came a range of browsers for Android, all competing to meet a variety of user expectations.

If you have an Android smart phone, chances are you’ve used (or are still using) Dolphin Browser, Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox Beta. For the longest time, I was pretty happy with having Dolphin as my default browser – until Boat Browser came along. I gravitated towards its simple, clean interface with a resolution slightly larger than Dolphin’s. I was so pleased by its cool original features that I decided to make it my default app for opening websites.


There may be tens of thousands of native apps that offer awesome user interfaces and functionality, but none of them can match the experience of browsing the Internet without any restrictions. The number of browsers available for download in the Android Market is huge, with new ones launching frequently.

Each browser is unique, and pushes the limits of mobile browsing, taking it closer to the desktop counterparts. Dolphin is one of the notable browsers that is leading the mobile Internet revolution from the forefront. (more…)