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Being awoken by your alarm at some ungodly hour in the morning is never a pleasant experience, but doubleTwist’s latest app aims to fix that. With a beautiful UI, all new functionality and an amazing UI, can it change people’s attitude towards alarms?

doubleTwist is most definitely not a newcomer to the Android app scene, with their media playback app doubleTwist Player still resting comfortably in the Top Android Apps chart. (It’s also old enough to have been reviewed twice here at Android.AppStorm.) But their latest app fills a gap that most people didn’t even know existed: the need for a beautiful alarm clock.


doubleTwist is definitely not a newcomer to the Android Market – we’ve reviewed it before – but it recently received an new set of features and UI that brings it up to ICS standard.

But will this be enough to let it compete with old favorites such as PlayerPro and UberMusic?


Depending on whom you ask, the lack of an iTunes-like app for transferring music, apps, videos etc. is either a mark of freedom or a lack of effort from the part of Google. While it is nice not to be confined to one particular desktop app to get content into your mobile, such an app can have some perks: a bigger screen, using existing playlists and libraries, data backup are some among them.

The doubleTwist application makes it possible for us to have syncing facility with a desktop app without the need for any wires. Read on to find out how to set up doubleTwist on your desktop and Android mobile.