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BitTorrent is as popular, if not even more so, than ever.  You’re probably familiar with the idea of using torrent to quickly download large files, even if this is not something you choose to indulge in.

uTorrent for Android enables you to make the move from desktop torrenting to mobile torrenting. The app is currently in beta so I thought I’d take a quick look to see how things are shaping up. The desktop version of uTorrent is my default client, so I was intrigued to see how it compares.


Invented by the brilliant Bram Cohen, BitTorrent is one of the ground breaking technological advancements of this century. The Nobel Prize does not include computer science as a category, otherwise BitTorrent would surely have been awarded one. Sadly, it is forever linked to piracy as many among us overlook the other possibilities for a protocol which distributes large files with such ease.

For one reason or another, lots of us use a BitTorrent client to download and distribute files online. Now that mobile phones (particularly Android powered ones) are rivalling computers with their processing power, it’s only natural to carry a P2P client in your pocket. tTorrent is one such torrent client, but how does it stack up? (more…)