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The cool thing about Flowpaper is that it makes you feel like an artist, even if you’re not. At the same time, it has the necessary tools for those lucky/talented few who can paint or draw to create something breathtaking. It’s a drawing tool that plays on a flowing vector paintbrush mesh pattern, wherein beauty gushes and swirls from your fingertip — even as you proceed to trace the shape of a squiggle.

Flowpaper reminds me of an old screensaver from the 90s that constantly generated waves of colored lines that swam around the screen, enrapturing me for minutes at a time. Drawing your own waves, it turns out, can be just as captivating.

SketchBook Mobile from AutoDesk accomplishes what I believe many apps fail to do: provide a simple yet powerful way to make drawings on Android. This app is well thought-out, designed, and built. This effort pays off as the app in the right hand can produce some amazing results. Check out theSketchBook Flickr group for some amazing showcases, and read on for my review of the app itself.


We’ve reached a point in the evolution of computing technology where one can’t deny the impact of mobile devices – phones, tablets and everything else to come – in our personal and work lives. For designers, this domain is typically governed by Apple products, be it the Mac desktops and laptops, or the range of iOS devices like iPhones, iPads or even iPod Touches. With the huge surge in adoption of the Android platform though, a lot of designers have also come onboard and are probably wondering how they can use these devices in their work context.

Being a designer myself, I went through that struggle and scoured the Android market to find all the tools I could use and benefit from. And this roundup is a culmination of that search. Let’s take a look then, shall we? (more…)