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When Chromecast launched in July, it was all the Internet could talk about. The small, HDMI-enabled device allowed users to easily stream video content straight to their TVs. Gone were the days of hooking up your laptop or transferring films to a USB stick. Well, that is, if you were lucky enough to get a Chromecast. BestBuy sold out in a day with orders from Amazon severely backlogged. It hasn’t even launched in Europe and already there’s insatiable demand on eBay for second hand devices.

But you don’t have to wait for a Chromecast unit to try out the experience because an indie developer has made CheapCast available. It’s an Android app that turns any Android tablet or phone into a make-do Chromecast. But does it actually work?


I love Netflix. I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (even better than sliced bread!). One thing that Android users have been longing for is a way to stream Netflix on their device — especially since the advent of Android tablets. This is also something that iOS users I know like to hold over my head when rattling off the list of reasons iOS is “superior” to Android…until now. Last week Netflix started rolling out their official streaming app to select Android devices.


Whether it’s at the actual bus stop, or somewhere completely different, you’ve probably experienced a time when there’s a need for casual entertainment to while away the minutes. Boredom is a horrible plague that normally seems uncureable. But, with the dawning of smartphone apps, an entire gaming and entertainment system is built right into a device you take around with you every day.

The Android Market hosts a selection of application categories that can aid your boredom-fighting times, including games, entertainment applications and media. In this review, we’ll be covering some of our favourite apps from these categories in order to banish boredom forever! (more…)

I imagine my arrival at the pearly gates will be a grumpy one. Not because I’ll be displeased at my own demise; with advances in modern medicine I’ll probably dodge coffins past 100 and be mighty proud of myself for achieving such a span. I’ll be ticked off because I’m missing my favourite shows while St. Peter (or whoever mans the post) and I have the obligatory chat. You see the idiot box and I are good old pals, even if we get on each other’s nerves once in a while.

Keeping track of what shows you want to watch, and their various series, seasons and episodes, can get annoying. ‘What episode is this?’, ‘When’s the finale?’ and ‘What time does ‘House’ start at?’ are questions that pass through my mind regularly. If only there was one of those new-fangled apps I hear so much about…

When I was in college, I took a media tech class where we watched a video that talked about the next step for TV: total integration with the Internet. The simulated screens and videos they created showed a seamless experience where you could be watching the Food Network and simultaneously look up the recipe the host is using, or watching a movie and going to IMDB to get the name of that actress who looks familiar. It looked pretty cool, but I thought it was pretty far off; boy was I wrong. When Google TV was announced last year, I knew that everything we talked about in that media tech class was just around the corner. Google TV has revolutionized the way we can watch TV.