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As users of Android we get a lot of brilliant apps and ROMs for free, but even so, I don’t think we should skimp on all levels of payment. There are many simple yet helpful ways we can give thanks to developers.

Following on from my previous post on how we can support our fellow Android users, this post is by no means the definite list of ways to support Android Developers, in fact I implore you to help us all come up with some other ways, but it’s a good start! (more…)

As a keen user of Android I’ve been thinking about how I can help out other Android users. I’m not a developer, so I can’t build a brilliant app or game, but there are other problems that Android users face, and helping people solve these problems might be just the thing I’ll be able to help out with!

What problems? Well, just think back about what you struggled with, or wished you knew, when you first bought your Android phone. Depending on your skill level and available time there are various different ways to help out (some easier than others). No matter which route you pick, you’ll be helping someone!