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If you’re like me, you carry all sorts of files on your smartphone, even those that you don’t necessarily need or use. It’s my way of bypassing thumb drives that I often lose or forget, and it has worked pretty well over the past year. But while I’ve solved this problem, I now have another: how do I access my phone’s files on a computer, with minimal fuss?

Enter Shynk. It’s a simple Web and Android app combo that allows you to access your phone’s files from any internet-enabled desktop, without having to be on the same network. Shynk also packs a text messenger to read and reply to your SMS messages. And it’s all secure — AES 256-bit secure. So is it time to ditch your thumb drive? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


When it comes down to file explorers on Android, there is no shortage of choice and we have covered several here on Android.Appstorm, from the highly powerful File Expert, to the purpose-specific WiFi File Explorer, passing by our top 10 file managers.

However, one slightly unknown option, AntTek Explorer — which works well both on phones and on tablets — has recently become my favorite. Read on to find out why…


I recently got a new phone – the Galaxy Nexus – and as any geek would know, the first week or so with a new gadget can be the most fun. That I’ve been alone at home for the week only means I’ve had a chance to spend crazy amounts of time with the new phone, which is a huge step up from my old LG Optimus One. So of all the apps I’ve tried, picking the top of the lot is a bit of a challenge. But I’m going to try and do it anyway. Here are the five apps that really made my week with the new phone.