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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and since the advent of channels such as Sky Sports, it has become much simpler to get engrossed in a match. However, the experience of watching a match is far from perfect – enter your phone, and this selection of apps and games which is sure to make any soccer fan drool!

In essence, soccer is a simple game to play and enjoy. But for those of us who want to do more than scratch the surface of the beautiful game, statistics galore and in-depth information of each player can almost become a necessity before sitting down to watch a game. This is where the apps below should help, allowing you to do everything from play a match of soccer yourself to getting live score updates as they happen.


Football games frequently appear on the Play Store and normally the only games worth considering are the likes of FIFA 14 from the most established developers. New Star Soccer is a new twist to the standard concept of a football related game, and it will appeal to many users. Read on to find out why!


As the baseball postseason kicks off, Thuuz presents a championship app for sports fans all over the world. With a new redesign, this game rating and statistics app is set to transform how we watch sports. By using algorithms and monitoring social media activity, Thuuz gauges the ‘excitement level’ of a game, in real time. Each game is rated from 1 to 100, allowing users to tune in when things heat up.

US sports such as baseball, ice hockey and football are covered. As are others such as soccer (both US and European), rugby, tennis and cricket. But is this enough to justify keeping an eye on your phone or tablet while watching your favourite team? Yes. Here’s why.


Football Manager Handheld 2012 is a football management simulation game for mobile devices. The premise is simple; select and manage a real football (soccer) team from any of the top leagues and steer them to glory.

The game attempts to be as realistic as possible and includes as many aspects of the real world as it can, from over-demanding club owners and contract negotiations to player sales and handling the media. The game did raise a few eyebrows when it was released – most notably due to the relatively high price – so the question remains: is it worth it? Read on for some analysis…


My three favorite things in life are Android, football, and a steak cooked rare on a grill. Unfortunately, my phone hasn’t learned how to properly cook a steak. However, football and Android seem to have come together to give us Madden NFL 12, an app that will keep any football lover busy in between Sundays.

I am pulling out my Patriots jersey and trying out the game. Maybe this app will get me through all those commercial breaks throughout the season. (more…)

Ah, the ripple of the net, muddy knees, brutal tackles, managers who only wore tracksuits, positions like ‘inside-left’ and ‘wing-half’, the League Cup was called the ‘Milk Cup’ and Match of the Day highlights were carefully recreated down the park the day after. We’re talking deep-rooted 70s and 80s British nostalgia in rolled down socks and a fistful of Panini stickers. If all this means anything to you, Flick Kick Football is like a delicious shot of yesterday’s best-bits. If however, you’re feeling suddenly alienated and scratching your head at these obscure and nonsensical British idioms, you must allow me to explain. Either way, you really should read on…