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Wherever you go in the world, there is one hugely variable constant – the weather. Given the significant impact that it can have on our daily lives, it is hardly surprising that most of us like to keep abreast of the latest forecast.

We are app connoisseurs here at AppStorm, though, so any old weather app simply won’t do. Our kind demands both forecasting accuracy and design aesthetics of the highest standard. With this in mind, I’ve put together this roundup of beautiful weather apps – so even if the weather is miserable, you’ll have something nice to look at…


1Weather is a gorgeous weather app created by OneLouder, the minds behind apps like BaconReader and Tweetcaster. Like the other apps in the OneLouder catalog, 1Weather is full of useful features, all presented in a pretty package that adds a bit of class to any Android home screen. Not only does 1Weather show you the weather, it also provides real-time updates and social integration that helps you stay on top of the ever-changing atmosphere.

There are plenty of weather apps on the market, so what makes 1Weather any different? According to the folks at OneLouder, their weather app brings a “unique animation and graphics to create a more stylish experience.” The app is not just pretty (did I say that already?), it’s also packed with useful features and a gaggle of informative content, topped off with an intuitive user interface that just about anyone can manage. As a matter of fact, 1Weather is only available for higher-end devices due to resolution, resource, and animation requirements.

Enough talking about how nice 1Weather looks – let’s take a look at some screenshots.


The weather has a tremendous control on our behaviour and day-to-day choices. It is the subtle decider of so many things, such as whether to drive or to walk; to go out or to stay in. Some people rely on the forecasts the news offered the night before. Others prefer to look out the window that morning and take a guess. Some still have faith in the barometer on the shelves. But all you actually need for an instant up-to-date forecast is your Android phone.

GO Weather is an application designed to give you an in-depth description of what the weather is like right now, and how it will be in the near future, thereby saving you the need of having to take a guess.