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A year or two ago I was of the opinion that games for Android would never be more than a bad PSP emulation attempt. I┬ádidn’t┬ábelieve touchscreen phones and tablets could ever allow a gaming experience beyond fun and quirky titles such as Angry Birds or Temple Run – only something to kill time on the bus. I was, rather obviously, wrong.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, which is developed by Gameloft, is one of the recent titles that helped me overcome my prejudice about Android gaming. The first person shooter’s (FPS) story takes place in the US during a fictional invasion by a combination of Asian armies. With enemy troops already patrolling major cities such as Chicago and LA, it’s up to our small crew of tactical fighters to turn the tide.


Dead Trigger is the ultimate in zombie-thwarting action. It’s a slick first-person-shooter laden with outrageously gorgeous visual effects and heart-thumping drama. If recent games like Zombie Farm have left you believing that zombies are actually kinda cute, this will completely reverse your opinion.

Dead Trigger features stunningly immersive gameplay, graphics that will make you weep with joy and sound that lowers you right into the action like a parachute into hell. Read on to find out exactly why that ‘High Maturity’ rating is so necessary…


When Modern Warfare 3 launched it created a big splash in the world of FPS games. Apart from the usual collection of new weapons and maps, MW3 also bought a completely new service with it called ‘Elite‘, allowing you to manage your load-outs, get map intel and improve your gameplay, all from your Android. Gamers speculated that Elite was going to be like Facebook for CoD fans, but it turned out to be something quite different.

From Elite’s website you can view training videos, map strategies, sniper points and similar things – and it’s hard to deny how fun and easy it is to be able to adjust your loadouts and view map intel on a PC! But does the same sense of fun and simplicity exist in its Android counterpart?