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As an avid music fan, it’s important that I carry some tunes with me wherever I go – which should explain why I still tote around my 120GB iPod Classic. I’ve had music playback-capable phones for quite a while now, but none of them offered what you’d describe as a listening experience. With a smartphone however, it’s a completely different ball game. In a good way.

There are several options when it comes to music player apps for Android devices, including the fairly competent stock app. I’ve been more partial to Winamp though, mostly because I’m very familiar with the desktop version – and I thought that’d be the last music player I’d need to try. That’s when I discovered n7player. It’s slick, it’s well-designed, and it showcases your music collection elegantly. But is beauty only skin-deep? Let’s turn up the volume and find out.

n7player's Music Library (L - zoomed out, R - zoomed in)

n7player's Music Library (L - zoomed out, R - zoomed in)


I have Verizon as a service (shame on me), and although it supposedly covers 98% of America, my apartment seems to be an exception. Even checking on a coverage map it shows I am hopeless. After much aggravation and trying everything I could get my hands on I talked with my brother, a fellow avid Android user. He and I put our heads together and came up with a great solution: Google Voice plus GrooVe IP. (more…)

Accepting credit card payments in your small business can be a huge hassle. However, with the average customer becoming less and less likely to have enough cash or a check handy, it is a necessary addition to any business. Square makes it easy, by allowing you to take credit card payments directly through your phone. And want to know the best part? The card reader and the app are both free!

Learn how Square will help expand your business, and allow you to reach a wider spectrum of customers, either in your store or on the go. (more…)

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