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Plants vs Zombies was originally released in 2009 for OS X and Windows and quickly became a phenomenon only matched by the scale of titles like Angry Birds. Over the following years, Plants vs Zombies would become a mobile hit on iOS, Windows Phone, the PS Vita, the DS and, in 2011, Android.

With Plants vs Zombies 2, the post-apocalyptic threat is back but with some big twists. You still use a variety of plants to both attack and defend the zombies but now the game’s boundaries are no longer the fence of a virtual backyard. Plants vs Zombies 2 takes you through time and space to battlefields around the world, from Ancient Egypt to the Wild West.


Last week, my Nexus 7 arrived. I decided with its powerful ‘Quad-core Tegra 3 processor”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play some of the best Android games around. So, I made a resolution to myself: “time to write more gaming articles” – and here we go!

Drive With Zombies is a 3D driving game which takes a basic concept and adds intense game play, creating a highly entertaining game.


If you have any friends with an iPhone or iPad, then you’ve heard of Temple Run. In the unbelievably addicting game, you control a man named Guy Dangerous who is running away from demon monkeys after stealing an idol from a temple. The player must navigate the pathway while dodging obstacles and picking up coins to buy powerups.

The smash iOS hit has finally made its way to Android. Let’s check it out and see whether it lives up to the hype.


I think it’s fair to assume that you’ve heard of The Sims. In case you’ve never actually played it, The Sims is a series of simulation games in which you create virtual people and manage their needs, home, jobs and so forth. The computer versions are known for being incredibly addictive – you can lose hours designing a house alone, without even playing the game proper.

Recently, EA Games released a free-to-download version for Android phones and tablets, called The Sims FreePlay. Can it live up to its name?


Games on mobile platforms have been slowly improving over the past few years. Today, instead of playing games like Jewels, we can run characters through immersive 3D worlds.

One game has caught my attention with its high definition graphics and an interesting theme: Wind-Up Knight. Read on for the full review. (more…)