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Seven years ago on this March 10th, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrived at Mars. Or, if you prefer thinking back all the way to the turn of the millenium, it’s the day we remember as the peak of the dotcom bubble.

But here, in 2013, March 10th signals the end of another week of Android news.┬áSamsung’s spent the week preparing to launch the Galaxy S IV on Thursday while Google has reveled in the news that versions of the fourth major generation of Android now surpass the popularity of Gingerbread. Let’s jump in and see what’s been happening!


It’s February 24th and today, we not only celebrate the birth of the late Steve Jobs but also say goodbye to another week of Android news. This week has seen the HTC One finally announced, the reveal of the PlayStation 4 and its integration with your Android device and more!

Let’s dive in…