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If you’re anything like me, you get easily irritated by all the Picasa Albums that appear in your Gallery. Thanks to Google account sync, and to the fact that every image you post to Google+ somehow ends up creating its own album on Picasa, your Gallery looks like a never-ending string of albums that contain one or two images each thanks to Picasa.

If all you’d like when you open the Gallery is to see the photos that are actually stored on your device  — and the SD card if you’re using it — then follow this walkthrough to get rid of all the Picasa albums.


Viewing images on Android has historically been an exercise in frustration. I remember being wowed by the 3D scrolling gallery in my first Android 2.3 phone for a long 10 seconds. Took me a day to get fed up and install QuickPic, among other alternatives, just to be able to view my photos without having to take coffee breaks between swipes.

There haven’t been a lot of contenders for the crown of the best gallery app on Android, and Scalado – best known for their “Remove” and “Rewind” technologies for improving your photos post-shoot – have recently entered the arena to take a shot at it (yup, pun intended). Like QuickPic, Scalado Album aims to make the process of browsing and viewing your photos as painless and effective as possible. Here’s a look at how well it does.


Let’s be honest with each other: we all love Android, but most of us love what we can make out of it, not how it comes out of the box. Take for example the default Gallery viewer that ships on stock Android devices. It is — for lack of a better word — mediocre. The interface is nice, you can view and delete images with it, but, well… that’s it.

I probably wouldn’t have found a fault in it if I didn’t have the pleasure of using HTC’s Sense Gallery for a couple of months. The difference was like night and day: it was faster for one thing, and it allowed me to hide folders that I didn’t want to see while browsing for photos. When I came back to the stock Gallery, I was thoroughly disappointed and started searching for a better alternative. Eventually, I found QuickPic. (more…)