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Happy St Patrick’s Day! It’s a day we often celebrate in green and therefore appropriate that it’s time for another This Week In Android. The week has arguably been one of the biggest of the year, with the announcment of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the resignation of Andy Rubin and the sellout of Google I/O. Let’s dive in!


Seven years ago on this March 10th, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrived at Mars. Or, if you prefer thinking back all the way to the turn of the millenium, it’s the day we remember as the peak of the dotcom bubble.

But here, in 2013, March 10th signals the end of another week of Android news. Samsung’s spent the week preparing to launch the Galaxy S IV on Thursday while Google has reveled in the news that versions of the fourth major generation of Android now surpass the popularity of Gingerbread. Let’s jump in and see what’s been happening!


The Google I/O 2012 Android Keynote was yesterday; if you missed it, check out my overview post. A lot is coming up, and most of it will be available by mid-June.

Out of everything that was announced, what were you most happy about?

Personally, I’m most keen on Google Now, the Nexus 7, …and Project Butter, funnily enough. I don’t find Android unusually slow, but I spent a bit of time surrounded by iPhone users recently, and now I can’t help but see my phone’s UI as sluggish in comparison.

(I’m also super excited about Project Glass, but I’ve left it out of the poll because it doesn’t really have much to do with Android!)

Google I/O 2012, Google’s annual developer conference is this week, and yesterday’s keynote speech saw the company unveil Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), the Nexus 7 (an official Android tablet), new apps for Maps, Currents, and Google+, Android’s own search assistant, and more.

In case you missed the presentation, here’s a quick overview.


Google I/O 2012, Google’s developer conference, is next week! The schedule’s pretty packed, with sessions on Android, Maps, Google TV, Chrome, Drive, Google+ and more.

As with any tech event, the rumour mill is working overtime. Here are a few that I’ve heard we might see:

  • An offical 7-inch Nexus tablet.
  • Android Jelly Bean (which will be Android 4.1, not 5.0).
  • Google Assistant, Android’s answer to Siri.
  • Project Glass being worn by presenters.
  • Cross-platform games (Google+, Chrome, Android).
  • A set of Nexus handsets (as many as five at once).

There’s a great, detailed rundown over at Android Police: The Ultimate Google I/O 2012 Preview.

Vote in the poll to share what you’re most excited about seeing – and if you’ve heard any other rumours, please let us know in the comments!

You can get the official Google I/O 2012 companion app here.

Google I/O has been happening this week in San Francisco and the conference was kicked off with some major announcements on the Android front. Big things are happening for Google’s position on the mobile front, including their new cloud-based music player, Android 3.1 for tablets, and the new version of Android for phones and tablets: Ice Cream Sandwich.

However, amongst all the exciting software announcements, Google also unveiled the Android Open Accessory Developer Kit, or the ADK. In the real world, this new development kit allows accessory makers to build native accessories for the Android platform which are connected via USB, in a similar way to Apple’s dock connector on their range of iOS devices and iPods. (more…)

Missed what’s been announced at Google I/O this week? Check out our overview!

There are lots of reasons to be excited about Google’s announcements, but what were you most happy to hear about? Vote in the poll and let us know your reactions in the comments.

This week Google is hosting their developer conference, Google I/O, where they’re announcing a number of cool new things coming up for Android. Here’s what’s in store… (more…)