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When we last looked at Google TV, I was smitten with a product that I really enjoyed, but that wasn’t catching on. It was okay according to most reviewers, but needed a lot of improvement.

After updating my TV to the latest and greatest, I can say that Google (once again) did a really nice job on the product.

When I was in college, I took a media tech class where we watched a video that talked about the next step for TV: total integration with the Internet. The simulated screens and videos they created showed a seamless experience where you could be watching the Food Network and simultaneously look up the recipe the host is using, or watching a movie and going to IMDB to get the name of that actress who looks familiar. It looked pretty cool, but I thought it was pretty far off; boy was I wrong. When Google TV was announced last year, I knew that everything we talked about in that media tech class was just around the corner. Google TV has revolutionized the way we can watch TV.