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Waking Mars is an innovative and engaging adventure game that sees you re-awakening life on a sleeping planet. While exploring caves beneath the surface of Mars, you stumble upon a complex and symbiotic range of plant life. You have to explore and connect a huge and peculiar ecosystem in a magnificent warren of caverns. When you then get trapped deep under ground, you have to rely on the flora and fauna to survive! If you like playing fresh and rewarding games on your Android device, read on for the full review.

Grabatron is a brilliantly fun and exceptionally polished tilt-control game. You take the reigns of a flying saucer in a slickly rendered American farmland. You have one weapon: a huge grabbing arm (a bit like those arcade grabber games!) which you can use on pretty much everything in the environment – animals, people, vehicles, buildings, pipes and even rocks.

The game is dripping in that nostalgic 1950’s paranoia we often see in movies, but is instantly playable and buckets of fun. So grab your binoculars, shotgun and tinfoil hat and read on for the low down on the invasion…