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With Android 4.0+, Google introduced the Holo scheme of design principles that promoted clean and digitally authentic design. Many third-party apps have since adopted these design themes, but the phenomenon isn’t exclusive to just social networking clients and calculators. In this roundup, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen awesome Holo-inspired games that you can grab for your Android handset from the Play Store today!


Every year there’s one Monday morning in June where the company Google loves to hate takes the very same stage that previously hosted Android announcements to present updates to iOS, amongst other things. This year was no difference but with a rumoured significant design change, the 2013 instalment is perhaps one of the most anticipated.

iOS 7 has delivered a new design with a skeuomorphic-less, flatter design somewhat resemblant of the design principles of Google’s Holo and Microsoft’s Metro. In this article, we’re going to take a look at iOS 7 and see how it stacks up to the incumbent versions of Android.


Text messaging – or SMS – is one of the most fundamental functions on any mobile device. Over the last few years, it has arguably taken over voice calling as the single most used feature on a phone. Sure, there have been numerous threats from internet-based multimedia messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line and more, but the sheer ubiquity of good ol’ SMS text messages has been hard to beat and has kept the technology alive and kicking.

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of good dedicated options when it comes to SMS apps on Android. A few stalwarts like Handcent SMS and Go SMS Pro aside, competition has been pretty scarce in this arena. That’s why it’s exciting to see a new contender in Sliding Messaging. I took the app for a spin to check how it fared against Go SMS Pro – which is what I’ve been using for years now. Here’s what I found.


From a micro blogging space to a breaking news medium, a product publicity portal to just a good old space for like minded people to engage in discussions and critiques, there are many facets to Twitter. With over half a million subscribers, it’s one of the fastest growing social networking medium and definitely the most relevant. Another number growing pretty fast is the number of 3rd party Twitter clients on Google’s Android ecosystem.

While the popular heavyweights like Plume, Uber Social, Twicca, Tweetcaster still remain relevant, there is a newer breed of feature rich, lightweight Twitter clients which are making their mark on the landscape. One such app is Twidere, a beautiful Holo-themed application which, while being lightweight in size, is a breeze when it comes to speed and functionality.


The Android operating system is scattered with news apps. There seems to be hundreds to choose from and most times, we don’t really know which one is the best for our needs. Last month at Android.Appstorm, we looked at the 40 Best News Apps For Tablets and covered a wide range of news genres. Today, we’ll be looking at News, a holo-designed client for Google News.

News will definitely catch your eye. Whether because of its desirable features or its appealing UI, it has the potential to become the only news apps you’ll ever need again.


Earlier this week, we shared with you a collection of more than 30 beautiful and Holo-designed apps. Had Connor set out to write this round-up a year ago, or even six months ago, he would have had trouble coming up with decent apps. Yet nowadays, most developers seem to have adopted — and adapted — the Google design language in their apps.

This, in turn, has been superb for us users. Apps that are still plagued with the Froyo/Gingerbread dark grey tabs on top are becoming rare and irrelevant in the face of fierce competition from newcomers that not only value functionality but also esthetics.

Looking at my own usage, I know that I was a lot more forgiving a year ago. I placed features above design, and picked my apps based on that. However, I have the privilege of using an ecosystem that offers choice and variety. Whatever functionality I need, there are probably more than five apps in the Play Store that offer it, if not ten or more.

So now I simply can’t forgive an app developer who’s stuck a few years behind their times. I want apps that I can enjoy looking at as well as using. As a matter of fact, the only relic I have on my phone is SafeWallet, a password and personal data vault that I have invested in and that works with my other phones and computers.

What about you? Is design becoming more and more important in your app decision process? Or are you still OK with yesteryear looks as long as the app does what you need it to?

Holo first saw light in Android 3.0 for tablets and has since found popularity in Android 4.0 and above with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean. No doubt the best looking aspect of stock apps, it was only a matter of time before the design principles started to make their way into third-party apps.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite Holo apps that you can install to give your phone the design unity it deserves!


I love finding great design and video content on my Tumblr feed, my Facebook friends never fail to entertain, and I follow a carefully curated set of creative folks on Twitter. What I hate is having to use separate apps for each network, with different interfaces and clunky workflows for sharing between them. That’s why I’m really glad I came across Scope.

Still in beta, Scope is a unified social networking app that brings together all your content and activity from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Foursquare in a simple, beautiful interface that’s really easy to use. Scope differentiates itself from other apps like Flipboard and Feedly in that it not only allows you to view content from your social networks but also interact with item just like you would on their native apps.


Pre-ICS, finding a good Twitter client for your Android device was no easy feat, but since Google released the Holo UI guidelines a slew of new Twitter apps sporting this futuristic and modern UI have sprung up.

Tweet Lanes aims to lead this pack with its amazing looks, massive feature set and unparalleled ease of use – but does it succeed?


Early in 2012, Google released a set of design principles to aid developers in creating apps that complement the Ice Cream Sandwich user interface, also known as ‘Holo’. These guidelines aimed to allow for apps to ‘enchant’ and ‘amaze’ users, and simplify the user experience.

Now, while developers do not have to oblige Google and adhere to this aesthetic, many have embraced it with good results. This roundup highlights a few such applications worthy of your attention. Some you’ll know and probably already use, but there might be a few surprises too.