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Last night I drifted off to sleep next to an open window. The head of my bed, just below the window sill, afforded me the sight of a clear night’s sky under which to drift off. A gentle breeze kept the air moving in my room; I’d left the window wide open, because otherwise the hot temperatures would’ve made sleep impossible.

This morning (Saturday) I woke up to the sound of lawnmowers mowing, birds chirping and a window filled with the deep blue from a clear sky. The sun was already high in the sky and the world had been awake a few hours. I’d slept in; ah the joys of freelancing. I checked the morning news on phone and it promised a heatwave for the next few days. Brilliant.

I had just quit my job in favour of the pen. A decent night’s kip and good weather was exactly what I needed to get the creative juices flowing.

What I didn’t need was to find myself, only moments after this blissful awakening, on my knees cradling the remnants of my Android phone. I also didn’t need my dog Jessie and most likely (although I didn’t care to notice at the time) a few neighbours starring at me puzzled.