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Whether I’m on the move or retiring for the night, I appreciate being able to check in with friends and family on my Android devices. I constantly carry these conversations over from my desktop to my phone to my tablet depending on where I am and what I’m up to. That’s why I was glad to come across, a simple app that brings all your Facebook and Google Talk contacts together so you can chat with ease.


Instant messengers are a dime a dozen in all mobile platforms. When it comes to Android, you don’t even have to download and install one to begin with.

So why bother getting another? Well, there might not be much of a difference between the popular chat protocols like MSN, Yahoo, GTalk etc, but it isn’t uncommon to have multiple accounts for business and personal uses. Moreover, our friends tend to have accounts on various platforms or social networks too. The best way to stay in touch with all of them at the same time is to have a chat client that can handle multiple chat accounts and protocols. BeejiveIM is a well known chat client and is available for almost all leading smartphone platforms, including Android.

Come, let us see how BeejiveIM helps you stay connected to all your instant messaging buddies, everywhere you go! (more…)

IM: instant messaging. Almost everyone on the globe is using it. Since the invention of the Internet and e-mail, people have stopped exchanging letters and started to exchange e-mails. As instant that was, we wanted something more instant. Enter instant messaging. And now, with every device connected to the Internet, people want to take their IM clients everywhere.

What do you use to stay constantly connected to your IM accounts? I’ve been using imo instant messenger for a while now and I’d like to share my thoughts about it. It’s one of the best IM clients for Android I’ve tested so far, with a clean user interface and multiprotocol support and — what I like the most — it’s free and ad-free!