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After the snafu that Blackberry went through when trying to release Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on Android and iOS a couple of weeks ago, the company corrected the mistake this week and re-released the apps with a little caveat: you have to stand in line and wait for an invite to be able to use the service. Putting aside this little hitch in the process, BBM is alive and doing relatively well on Android.

Whether you have never used the Blackberry platform before or you’ve just recently decided to leave it and move to Android, BBM is a valid communication method you can now use to interact securely with your friends, family and colleagues. Here’s everything you need to know about setting it up and using it on Android.


Back in March, there were several rumours that BlackBerry’s Messenger service would launch on both Android and iPhone in an effort to maintain the service’s popularity, even if the device market share shrinks. I’ve always puzzled over the exact attraction of RIM’s smartphone platform. I don’t get it. Why are these things so darn popular? It turns out their popularity amongst teenagers comes mainly down to this service, so I did a little research. (more…)

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform messaging application available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia phones. The app works using the internet connection (3G, WiFi or mobile data plan) of your phone. Android, Blackberry and iPhone users can send and receive pictures, audio notes, and video messages too.