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I recently started a journal to keep track of my thoughts and life events. It’s been too long since I’ve used pen and paper to write, so I decided to do it in a more modern way. As an Android app enthusiast, I scoured the Play Store for the most appealing note-taking app. I soon found out there were only a few apps that met my standards, and Flava won me over almost instantly. In addition to having a new approach to note-taking, it’s the ideal journal app that blends nicely with the phone’s Holo interface. It’s not just a digital version of the old fashioned notebook, it’s that and so much more.


As a writer I need to be able to write wherever and whenever I can. However, a problem I recently came across was how can I write without an internet connection? After purchasing a Nexus 7 I desired a word processor with ability to express my ideas offline – but unlike iOS, Android doesn’t come with an integrated notepad app.

This was a problem, and I needed a solution. Fortunately, I came across Write, a notepad app which was designed specifically for tablets. I was impressed, and happy to fork out the couple of dollars it cost.


I have too many people that aren’t my friends on Facebook. Instead of a place that allows me to share my life with my closest friends and family, Facebook feels more like a restaurant where everyone that you have ever known keeps trying to sit at your table. Old friends, friends of friends, and people that I don’t even know have all been added, deleted, replaced, and ignored.

Path aims to solve this problem. Instead of allowing (or encouraging) me to have four hundred friends, Path wants me to share with the people that really, genuinely matter to me. Is this new app (and its philosophy) going to make its way onto your phone? Let’s find out.