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I always thought I was the biggest gadget freak in the house. My wife hates them as much as she hates all the attention they get from me and the paranoia that follows with letting anyone else touch them. All that changed a few months back when my son – just about three years old at the time – decided to lay his hands on my Android phone while it was unlocked. It wasn’t too long before he claimed complete and absolute ownership of the device throughout my time at home.

There are advantages to this situation, as we have learnt over time. It is a great way to keep him busy in situations where he would otherwise be impatient and cranky, and with carefully chosen apps it is possible to convert that play time into a productive and enriching experience. We have since given in to the fact that he is better at navigating the device and figuring things out than we can ever be, and have decided instead to load the device up with apps that make sense for him. Here are my top picks from the seemingly endless trials I’ve had over the last few months.

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I’ve never really understood how the urban legend of alligators living in sewers ever came to be, but Disney found a way to put a cute spin on it in their super-fun puzzle game Where’s My Water?

Although it features cartoonish graphics that kids will enjoy, the levels are suitable for players of all ages. And to puzzle fans who think this looks like a piece of cake, be warned – this game has bite!


Apparently, when books first became common, parents were reluctant to let their children have them, fearing that they would spend all their time reading, and rot their brains. Today our digital gadgets have the same bad rep. But electronic devices can be helpful for developing coordination, for learning, for safe entertainment… or just for keeping kids quiet for a little while. If you’ve got a child and an Android device, these 30 apps will help with all of those.