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Google Maps has never been totally pointless on a tablet, but it was always a little sad that the app wasn’t optimized for tablets before. After all — and there’s no need to debate this or go into great detail — Google has had the strongest mapping data available for quite some time now. I’ve tried other mapping systems and just don’t get the same ease of use with them.

But the app itself needed to change. Until this week, Google Maps on a tablet was more or less the same experience you’d have with your Android phone. With the recent update, Google has finally made Maps look great on tablets and added some much-needed new functionality — as well as giving some old features the boot. Read on for a detailed analysis of this emperor’s new clothes.


Good news: it’s time to say goodbye to those sleepless nights wondering whether Apple and Amazon’s clash of the app stores will ever end, although Google Latitude’s going to be on the way out. Let’s take a look at this very software-themed week in the world of Android! (more…)

The Latitude application was released as Google’s answer to the ‘check-in’ craze about two years ago. It comes packaged with most Android phones, and everyone with a Google account is automatically a member. However, despite millions of people having this application on their devices, I’ve never seen people ask for Google addresses so they can ‘add you on Latitude’.

There is rarely talk about it online either, and the entire project seems to be on its way out with so many competitors being far more popular. But why?