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When it comes to pampering yourself with nice things, I’m all up for it. Clothes, accessories, cars, electronics,… if you have the money, why not get the best? But that’s the thing with luxury, most items aren’t really “the best”. They’re the most flashy, expensive, refined, and even ridiculous, but certainly not the best. So I draw a line between luxury and value.

That’s why I find the newly announced 10,000$ Vertu Ti rather ludicrous. I know this kind of device isn’t made for people who care about specs, but a WVGA screen and — most importantly — Ice Cream Sandwich? This phone is already two Android versions behind and will soon be even more outdated. Plus, the only selling point other than the build materials is the concierge feature. I would expect people who have 10,000$ lying around to already have a concierge at their disposal.

As Connor pointedly remarked when covering the news in his column, you could buy 33 Nexus 4s for the price of one Vertu Ti. But as luck would have it, there are people out there who have the kind of money that allows them to purchase this Vertu, try the Concierge feature a couple of times for fun, and either only take the Ti out with them to red carpet and socialite events while they use another phone daily, or use the it daily for calls and messages only.

Personally, at the rate technology is going, I think that’s a waste of Titanium — and human resources. As for the ten grand? I would consider paying that amount money for a 1cm thick phone that has a 1080p screen that works with gloves, a 40MP camera with Xenon flash, a 6000mAh battery and an octa-core processor, with the promise of instant updates to the next 10 versions of Android. That’s true luxury if you ask me, but one can only dream.