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Music apps these days either play music or recognise music that’s already playing. One app in particular does both, and more.

musicXmatch finds the lyrics of whatever song you are currently listening to on your Android. It’s great if you are a death metal listener but can’t really understand the screams.


Have you ever listened to a song, and found yourself singing words understandable only by you, as if written in some strange dead language? Can you speak Spanish but have immense difficulty hearing the individual words of a Latin song? Do you still think the Beatles sang Chicken to Ride?

It has always been possible to go online and look for the lyrics of a song, but this involves the tedious steps of loading a browser and entering the exact names of the song and artist. With TuneWiki, this problem is solved, because when you are listening to a song on your phone, the app gets the lyrics through the internet and displays them in a fun karaoke mode. Furthermore, if you wish, it can translate them into over 40 languages.

But the app is not only a bridge to a complete database of lyrics and songs; it has a few more features that make it very attractive, besides being a powerful media player. (more…)