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While owners of iPhone, iPods and iPads can turn to iTunes to manage their iOS devices from Windows – or indeed OS X – the options available to Android users are far more varied. Depending on which device you have, you may find that you have an incredibly useful piece of software that you can use to connect to your Android powered phone or tablet, but you may also end up with something terrible or even nothing at all.

SnapPea is a free tool that can be used to manage your Android device from Windows, backup data, install apps, take screenshots and much more. This is an app that is currently in beta, but it’s already taking shape and there’s a big bonus over some other comparable tools: there’s no need to root your device.


Have you ever been sitting somewhere and fallen into one of those abstract productive trains of thought? Did you want a way to get these thoughts down quickly in a structured form rather than just fly back to reality and lose it all? There is an Android application that lets you do that.

Thinking Space is an innovative application which allows you to mind-map on the move and get your thoughts down quickly whilst still keeping them in a structured and organised layout. With extensive customization, and the ability to export your mindmaps, Thinking Space is hardly short of features.