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Google Maps has never been totally pointless on a tablet, but it was always a little sad that the app wasn’t optimized for tablets before. After all — and there’s no need to debate this or go into great detail — Google has had the strongest mapping data available for quite some time now. I’ve tried other mapping systems and just don’t get the same ease of use with them.

But the app itself needed to change. Until this week, Google Maps on a tablet was more or less the same experience you’d have with your Android phone. With the recent update, Google has finally made Maps look great on tablets and added some much-needed new functionality — as well as giving some old features the boot. Read on for a detailed analysis of this emperor’s new clothes.


For many of you, this weekend is not only the culmination of yet another week of Android news but also a time of Easter celebration. Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Android then!


With your Android phone in your pocket, you have access to one of the most advanced and flexible pedometers available –- all you need is the right software. There are various apps that have been released designed with runners and cyclists in mind that make it possible to monitor and record your exercise regime, and the updated My Tracks is the latest offering from Google.

This free app makes use of your phone’s GPS receiver to determine your location and monitor your movements as you walk, cycle or otherwise move around. Sessions can be recorded individually so you can monitor any exercise regime you stick to over time.