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This game was a huge hit on Kindle, Facebook, and Google+, and it’s now available for Android. So what is Triple Town? At its core its a match-3 game like Bejeweled, but with less emphasis on speed and more emphasis on strategy. This combination makes for a highly addictive, very clever puzzle game.


There is no shortage of puzzle games in the Android Market, including a whole bunch of Bejeweled wannabes. The tried and tested gameplay of matching colored objects towards a variety of objectives can be pretty addictive if done well. Unfortunately, it’s a tired formula now, and finding good games that bring a fresh perspective to the sub-genre are rare to come by.

Wiz Kid Jr is a fairly new game that tries to do exatly that: take the tried and tested formula and add some interesting twists to it. I have no clue why they decided to call it that, but it doesn’t really matter I guess. The real question is, does it succeed at maintaining the balance between complexity and accessibility well enough? (more…)