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I recently got a new phone – the Galaxy Nexus – and as any geek would know, the first week or so with a new gadget can be the most fun. That I’ve been alone at home for the week only means I’ve had a chance to spend crazy amounts of time with the new phone, which is a huge step up from my old LG Optimus One. So of all the apps I’ve tried, picking the top of the lot is a bit of a challenge. But I’m going to try and do it anyway. Here are the five apps that really made my week with the new phone.


A few days ago I got that little notification that draws a sigh from any Android user. Not a low battery. Not a low signal. But a low disk space alert. I felt like I was nine all over again, being told to clean my room. Much like when I actually was nine, I tend to go overboard when I’m having fun. It’s open season when it comes to downloading apps.

I cleaned it out, hastily (old habits die hard), so I could get back to my fun. Of course playing is always more fun when the room is clean because the best toys stand out.

It is now Sunday night and a few apps I’ve selected are in fact so good that I’m still energised to write about them . So if you want to find out about astronauts sleeping, better video playing, a FourSquare rival and a camera made of paper, read on.


XBMC is an insanely popular piece of software commonly installed on media PCs. Apart from having an extremely customisable UI, it also is very easy to expand its functionality because of its hackable nature. Read on to find out how to control your XBMC media centre using just your Android phone.


Not liking music is like not liking chocolate. Everyone will ask why and you’d make for an awful Oompa Loompa.  If it wasn’t for music, taking the bus, exercising and studying would be a whole lot more mundane than they already are.

In fact, a wise old German dude named Berthold Auerbach once said that “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

Most of us listen to music on portable devices such as iPods, MP3 players, and for us Android lovers, our phones. The stock media player is a little bland, however so I decided to check out Meridian Player as an alternative.

One of the shortcomings of Android is its media player. Sure, it’s adequate — but it is clearly lacking, compared to the iOS media player. Now that people use smartphones for all kinds of purposes, including listening to music, the absence of a mindblowing media player is such a tragedy. Winamp for Android could be the missing piece in the puzzle.

The legendary media player from the desktop is now available for Android powered mobile devices. Read on to know how awesome it turns out to be.