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For the longest time, I have been annoyed by the state of my contacts on Android. Between college and family, France and Lebanon, my Android.Appstorm contacts and my pharmacy suppliers and customers, I had over 800 contacts that were almost impossible to manage. Then I decided to set aside a few hours one day and go through them all on Google Contacts, managing duplicates and groups, deleting contact details that I didn’t need anymore, and so on.

Now that my contact list is as pristine as possible, I still find myself with the odd duplicate every now and then. Merging these duplicates should be a straightforward process on my phone but unfortunately, most contact apps on Android — whether the default Android People app or the alternatives made by Samsung or LG or HTC — don’t offer a simple duplicate searching and merging option. Enter Merge+, the easiest and fastest way to merge duplicates on Android. Here’s how to use it.