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One of any Android users’ purest joys is the ability to customise their experience with homescreen widgets. It’s also fair to say such modding has become somewhat of an art form, with websites like becoming spaces where design-savvy Android users can showcase their artistic flair.

For any users keen on beautifying their Android interface, the first port of call has to be the Google Play Store, where a multitude of apps and widgets can help you do just that. So enjoy this huge round-up of great minimalist and highly customisable homescreen applications that will let you inject your own style into your Android homescreen!


If you’ve read other articles here at Android.AppStorm, you’ll notice that we absolutely love the way we can customize our phones’ user interface. The overall look, however, can be attributed to a certain theme for a specified launcher, depending on which one you have installed.

The themes I personally prefer are those that have fewer graphics and more texture; I find that these make it easier for you to view your app icons, and make your home screens look cleaner and clutter-free.

Here are 40 highly recommended themes for launchers like GoLauncher EX, Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher. All these themes are free on the Market.


When it comes to design, I am a minimalist. But, more than that, I am a perfectionist. When I work on a new design, I do everything I can to get it exactly right. The same thing happened when I sought to make myself a minimal lockscreen after buying the new version of WidgetLocker. So, this is my attempt at a minimal lockscreen, using a couple of widgets to show the date and time, a SMS/Missed call counter, the current weather, battery percentage remaining, current music track, and of course the actual unlocking slider.

The Minimal Lock Screen

My Minimal Lock Screen