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A new technology has emerged that allows shopping centers to track your location. This is achieved by receivers monitoring the keep-alive signal your phone sends to mobile phone masts; these receivers can apparently pinpoint you to within two meters.

The system is currently being used to record shopping habits, popular routes around shopping centres, and so on. Despite the data being collected anonymously, would you feel like this is an invasion of your privacy?


Every proud new owner of a smartphone will end up frustrated with the short battery life and memory issues. I am no exception and naturally I have scoured the Android Market for “System Utilities” to help me handle some these issues. There are some really amazing apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and improve device performance significantly, but many of these “All in One” solutions require rooted phones and some may not work in all phone models.

In this article we will explore 35 apps currently available on the Market that are very useful for monitoring your Android phone usage, tweaking, the system and taking control of how you use your device. Some of these apps will help you understand your Android phone performance and advanced features. The apps I like the most are those that show detailed infographics: graphical displays of usage statistics and system performance. Many of these apps have really helped me to fine-tune my phone’s performance.