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Before we get any further, I should come clean — I’m a die-hard Winamp fan. I began using the desktop version back in 1997 and it suited my needs over the years as my music collection grew. When I got my first Android phone, I immediately sought out Winamp’s app for the platform and enjoyed the interface as well as the desktop-to-mobile wifi syncing. But I soon wanted more from my music player and started trying out everything the Play Store had to offer. I still haven’t found a favorite, but GoneMAD Music Player sure comes close.

Perfect for power users, GoneMAD Music Player is packed to the gills with features and configurable options to tweak the app to do your exact bidding. From detailed playback control to lockscreen and homescreen widgets, passing by smart playlists, gesture support and configurable multi-band EQ, this player has got it all. Let’s see how well it handles tuneage with some real-world testing, and how it stacks up against the competition.


The word ‘sellout’ is thrown around a lot lately. It seems just about every time a writer, YouTuber, blogger or artist tries to make some cash from their creations they’re accused of going corporate, selling their soul to the devil, and becoming too ‘mainstream’ for the hipsters. I hate these labels not because they bear down on the sorry soul who tried to validate their work with currency, but because they’re normally applied by those who’d kill to have skill so they too could ‘sell out’.

You can imagine the Tom & Jerry style fiasco that kicked off inside me when I applied the same label to my favourite phone manufacturer, HTC.


Lets face it, most of us will agree that the stock Music player for Android is nothing to be excited about. It’s dry and lifeless and when you compare it to the stock iPhone or iPad app it fails miserably.

One of the greatest features of an open source platform is this attraction of new apps. This openness creates competition, and competition is great for the user because it drives down prices and results in higher quality products. Fortunately the Music apps have been infiltrated with competition, producing some awesome (and some not so awesome) apps that give us all an alternative to the stock experience. Today we will be going through what the best Music player applications are, and what makes them so gmood.