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Before we get any further, I should come clean — I’m a die-hard Winamp fan. I began using the desktop version back in 1997 and it suited my needs over the years as my music collection grew. When I got my first Android phone, I immediately sought out Winamp’s app for the platform and enjoyed the interface as well as the desktop-to-mobile wifi syncing. But I soon wanted more from my music player and started trying out everything the Play Store had to offer. I still haven’t found a favorite, but GoneMAD Music Player sure comes close.

Perfect for power users, GoneMAD Music Player is packed to the gills with features and configurable options to tweak the app to do your exact bidding. From detailed playback control to lockscreen and homescreen widgets, passing by smart playlists, gesture support and configurable multi-band EQ, this player has got it all. Let’s see how well it handles tuneage with some real-world testing, and how it stacks up against the competition.


As an avid music fan, it’s important that I carry some tunes with me wherever I go – which should explain why I still tote around my 120GB iPod Classic. I’ve had music playback-capable phones for quite a while now, but none of them offered what you’d describe as a listening experience. With a smartphone however, it’s a completely different ball game. In a good way.

There are several options when it comes to music player apps for Android devices, including the fairly competent stock app. I’ve been more partial to Winamp though, mostly because I’m very familiar with the desktop version – and I thought that’d be the last music player I’d need to try. That’s when I discovered n7player. It’s slick, it’s well-designed, and it showcases your music collection elegantly. But is beauty only skin-deep? Let’s turn up the volume and find out.

n7player's Music Library (L - zoomed out, R - zoomed in)

n7player's Music Library (L - zoomed out, R - zoomed in)


doubleTwist is definitely not a newcomer to the Android Market – we’ve reviewed it before – but it recently received an new set of features and UI that brings it up to ICS standard.

But will this be enough to let it compete with old favorites such as PlayerPro and UberMusic?


As a former iPhone user and new Android convert, I miss my iPhone’s built-in music player. Though my new Android has a lot more storage space than my iPhone, I’ve neglected filling it up with music partly due to my lack of enthusiasm over the default player.

The developers of PlayerPro have attempted to create a more fully-featured, attractive, and intuitive music experience to the Android, adding features such as automatic album art downloading, customizable music organization, gesture support, and a variety of widgets for your home or lock screen. (more…)

Music has been a major part of my life. With every little walk I take, (which incidentally I track with RunKeeper), I listen to music on my phone.

However, I find it cumbersome to unlock the phone, long press the home button, select the player from the Recent Apps screen, and press the Skip button, just to move to the next track. There’s another way, though: today we’ll look at music players and widgets with lockscreens that make skipping tracks that little bit easier.


One of strong suits of Android is its openness. Unlike iOS, developers can just go for it and create apps that mimic or duplicate the functionality of the core operating system or apps. In other words, you can have as many browsers (full featured with their own rendering engines), media players, home screens and so forth.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that portable media players have transformed into smart phones and not the other way round. It is fair enough to search for new media players that push the envelope and make music on the go so much fun. PowerAMP is a great example — let’s check out how it fares. (more…)