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IK Multimedia wants to bring music creation into the mobile world, and its suite of apps and gear is a fine step in the right direction. I say step, it’s worth noting, because neither the apps nor the hardware I’ve been testing over the past few weeks manage to produce the full package.

But it’s a great start, and much of what we’re about to discuss would suit both professional musicians, journalists, podcasters, and DJs doing some light work on the road and hobbyists or amateurs on a budget or just dabbling in audio production.

I’ll be running through most of the IK Multimedia apps for Android and iPad, while touching on a few worthy competitors and alternatives, and weighing in on the hardware we were sent for review — the iRig Mic Cast, iRig Mix, iRig Pre, and iRig Mic. First, let’s look at the gear.

Android devices are often overlooked as tools for musical production. While the selection of suitable apps lacks some of the diversity and big names present in the iOS App Store, there are still ample ways to translate your musical thoughts to reality.

In this roundup, I’m going to highlight some of the best ways to turn your Android into something of a music mate. The apps aren’t all solely for composing, but will provide musical assistance where required and all will fit perfectly on any musician’s device.