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I imagine my arrival at the pearly gates will be a grumpy one. Not because I’ll be displeased at my own demise; with advances in modern medicine I’ll probably dodge coffins past 100 and be mighty proud of myself for achieving such a span. I’ll be ticked off because I’m missing my favourite shows while St. Peter (or whoever mans the post) and I have the obligatory chat. You see the idiot box and I are good old pals, even if we get on each other’s nerves once in a while.

Keeping track of what shows you want to watch, and their various series, seasons and episodes, can get annoying. ‘What episode is this?’, ‘When’s the finale?’ and ‘What time does ‘House’ start at?’ are questions that pass through my mind regularly. If only there was one of those new-fangled apps I hear so much about…