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Given the name of our site, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to assume that we are big Android app addicts, would it? As such, we spend most of our day searching the Play Store and other app recommendation sites like Playboard, trying new apps and writing about them. However, with over one million apps available for Android, and developers getting better at designing beautiful apps and tailoring them for phones and tablets, it has become almost impossible to keep up with the flood of great content.

That’s where Drippler steps in, curating news — and more specifically app and game news — from various sites like ours to help you stay updated on the latest and greatest software to hit the Android platform. But does it live up to its promise?


One of the best things about owning an Android device is discovering awesome new apps every day. The past week was not an exception, as I had my hands full with impressive and interesting ones to try. With a phone upgrade, it was a great way to test the apps and my new phone’s performance along with it.

Here are the best apps I’ve come across in the last seven days…