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We’re immensely pleased to announce that, after months of waiting, a new member of the AppStorm network has landed: Windows.AppStorm!

Complimenting Mac.AppStorm, Web.AppStorm, iPhone.AppStorm, iPad.AppStorm, and Android.AppStorm, our new Windows site will be offering reviews and roundups covering the entire Windows ecosystem, including Windows Phone 7, and games, along with tips and tricks to get the most from Windows.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you excellent Windows content of the high quality you’ve come to expect from AppStorm – daily reviews, how-to’s, roundups, news, and opinion. Read on to find out the best way to get involved!

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The possibilities of getting news on your Android device are endless. Just head over to the Market, search for news and look at the number of options that come up (10,475 last time I checked…). But the question is, which one do you use?

Well, we’ve already had a good look at Feedly, a popular Google Reader based news reader for Android phones and we loved it. It allows you to browse easily browse news from a variety of different sources and it’s completely free. But now, there is a tablet version available for Honeycomb tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1.


So Microsoft and Apple ganged up on Android and bought some mobile patents out from under their nose, and Google said that wasn’t cool and they were under attack, but Microsoft said they offered Google the chance to share the patents with them and Google turned them down, only, wait, that was for another set of patents, while in the meantime Apple are preventing Samsung from selling Android tablets because they might infringe on their patents, and…

Oh gosh. Let me start over.


A few months ago, CNN, one of the largest news outlets, released their highly visual Android application. Paralleling the design of the iOS application and even the Android tablet version, CNN offers a highly visual news experience which includes video and audio options as well.


With contributions from my colleague James Cull

Yesterday I followed the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference. Like so many other thousands of people I was interested in seeing the new software and hardware Apple is so famous for. Though there was no new hardware, there was new software by the bucketload.

Besides OSX Lion and iCloud the anticipated iOS 5.0 was announced and I was expecting some fantastic new features to be rolled out. While many of these features are new and distinctive to Apple, some of them were very familiar to us Android users — and we took these for granted on our phones without paying them the slightest bit of attention. (more…)

It seems like eons ago that I would start my work day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper to get my daily news fix. I still do it but with a slight difference: my Android phone has replaced the newspaper. So I thought, why not write about my experience in exploring all the amazing news Apps in the Android Market? I have compiled a list of news reader apps that have both minimal and elegant user interfaces, to share my views with you and some useful suggestions with App developers.


This week Google is hosting their developer conference, Google I/O, where they’re announcing a number of cool new things coming up for Android. Here’s what’s in store… (more…)

Some interesting statistics and surveys about the US smartphone and tablet markets have been released in the past month. The Android operating system is still trailing behind iOS in overall userbase, but Android handsets are becoming more and more desirable compared to all other devices: Blackberry, Windows, and, yes, even iPhones.


As an aspiring journalist and writer you can rightly assume that the current situation in Libya, Syria and Yemen has me constantly checking my phone for updates. I’m also following top journalists who are in the thick of the action on Twitter.

I think news applications have started to get stale since their first incarnations on Android. Even Pulse isn’t exactly doing it for me anymore. Understandable I guess; I mean, the news doesn’t exactly excite the general population like other genres might. Yet it’s an important cornerstone in any country. Finding, sharing and critiquing as fast as possible is what 21st century journalism is all about.

I normally use several applications to get my news throughout the day (and night): Al Jazeera, BBC and Pulse, to name but a few. They all do a fine job at delivering it to me but when I discovered a different application that had so much more to offer they were quickly removed from my homescreen and relegated to the abyss that is the main menu, lost in a sea of other rejected applications I haven’t gotten around to purging yet.

This week sees the US launch of a new marketplace for Android apps: the Amazon Appstore.

Naomi Bush wrote about the new marketplace, and what it might mean for you, last month. Let’s take another look at it now that it’s up and running.

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