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If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a Google Glass unit, or perhaps have been craving a Moto X-style phone but without the Moto X-style price tag, this week could be a lucky one for you. With new announcements from Motorola and Google to discover, let’s take a look at the week in Android! (more…)

When Apple introduced the first-generation iPad in 2010, Android manufacturers were fairly slow to respond. Android 3.0 Honeycomb was Google’s first official tablet-oriented variant of their operating system, releasing a year later as a rushed product to power the Motorola Xoom. It wasn’t until mid-2012 that Google took Apple head on with their own first-party tablet, the Nexus 7, shortly followed up by the 10-inch Nexus 10.

Now, almost four years after Apple’s initial announcement, the Cupertino company has revealed their lineup for the 2013 holiday season: the 7.9-inch iPad mini with Retina Display and 9.7-inch iPad Air. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what the tablets are about and just how it stacks up against the Android competition. (more…)

If you have been following Android.Appstorm over the past couple of months, you must have noticed that we feel very strongly about Android tablets, and specifically Android tablet apps. We cried out to Google asking them to get serious about tablet-optimized apps discoverability in the Play Store, several writers on our team have rounded up tablet apps in a multitude of categories, and I personally maintain numerous Playboard channels axed towards spotlighting the best tablet-optimized apps.

Suffice it to say that tablet app discovery has been a personal cause for us, for the simple reason that we know there are thousands of excellent options out there, but Google had failed to make them visible which in turn had everyone thinking there aren’t any. So you can imagine how elated we were to see Google at I/O introducing new features that focus on tablet apps discovery, from a developer and a user standpoint. While the announcements weren’t the most impressive out of the I/O keynote, and they should have come a year ago, they do mean a lot to us at Android.Appstorm that we can’t help but make a stop to explain to you why you need to get excited.


Google’s Nexus program has been going full speed ahead as of late. The company has been able to continue the high level of excellence that we have come to expect from it while making necessary adjustments to offer reasonably-priced hardware. Thanks to the implementation of their latest Nexus line, we finally have a concrete idea of Google’s overall goal with their own device line-up.

However, with the most recent releases, the role of the “Nexus” in the Android ecosystem has shifted slightly. Android is currently standing on its own two feet without the need for Google to rescue it with a new device every year. Thus, instead of aiming to alter the current market by steering other manufacturers in the right direction, the Nexus line is finally at a point where it is tailored to supplement an already healthy industry.


Google has been pushing its official Android tablets quite a lot recently, with the Nexus 7 and 10 offering a nice feature set at a competitive price. Still, one big Achille’s heel stands in the way of these tablets’ success and usability: tablet-optimized apps. There’s no decent directory or easy way to search for them on the Play Store, so any new or potential owner is left confused and unsatisfied.

However, once you dig deep into the store, there’s no shortage of great apps for Android tablets — not the stretched phone version, but the full multiple-columns fragment-designed version. That’s why our team on Android.Appstorm has been using its expertise in unearthing these gems to offer you a selection of the best tablet apps in several categories.

Below, you will find links to all the tablet-related roundups we have already made available, and we will continue updating this post in the future when we publish new roundups, so make sure you keep it in your bookmarks!



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The new brigade of Nexus devices were made available this week over the Play Store in several countries, including the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and more.

However, the debacle ensued with the order process where many people weren’t able to checkout, and the devices went out of stock quite quickly. It seems that many of you liked these new Nexuses and created such a rush on the Store that the servers weren’t able to handle it!

Putting aside what Google could or could not have done to prevent this whole mess, we’d like to know whether the new lineup was interesting enough for you to consider placing an order. After all, this is the first time we have a simultaneous launch of 3 different categories of official Nexus devices. Not to mention that they’re all starting at a reasonable price and with quite a few advantages over their direct competition —aside from their stock experience and priority software update status.

Even though the partial evacuation of New York City due to Hurricane Sandy forced Google to cancel their event yesterday, a whole new range of Nexus devices were announced through the press, led by The Verge. The entire Nexus lineup was revamped, with an expansion of the Nexus 7 offer, an entirely new flagship smartphone, the Nexus 4, and a larger tablet in the form of the Nexus 10.