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Maps. We all use them at some point, and a lot of us do so on a device connected to Google’s own mapping service. Just a week before Apple is widely expected to unveil their own mapping service for iOS, Google held a small event to show off developments in Google Maps including some exciting news for those that like to view the world in 3D.

In addition to 3D, Google Maps is getting a bit of a UI update, as well as the ability to access maps while offline! Let’s take a look at what Google had to show off.


When you are travelling, especially in foreign countries where everything feels alien – from the people to their clothes, names, places, and food – it’s easy to be intimidated. You might have no idea of the cost of everyday items, or how to behave according to the local customs. Of course you can make use of Google Translate, Wikipedia, and Google Maps, but the cost of using these on your home data plan while abroad can really add up.

However, if you decide to take your Android with the right selection of apps already downloaded, you can find yourself surprisingly at ease. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best apps for travelers like you.


Around two months ago I flew out of Gatwick for my holiday in Cyprus. I brought my phone with me, of course. I wasn’t hoping that my phone would provide an abundance of entertainment while I was away, but neither was I intending to leave it in the bottom of my bag. Read on to see how useful your phone can be abroad.