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If you’re a Galaxy Note fan, an international user waiting for Google Play Music All Access or a disgruntled Ouya owner with an affinity for the number 1337, you might have some interest in this week’s Android news. Let’s take a look!


Another week, another set of Android news. In the run up to Google I/O we’ve had a week fairly bare of news yet full of speculation. There’s been some new apparent developments in Google’s Wallet product, including the departure of Osama Bedier, the company’s Wallet Vice President, in addition to the delay of the retail Ouya, a number of app updates and more. Let’s dive in and take a look at This Week In Android! (more…)

When I first found out about the Ouya Kickstarter page, I was excited. Personally, I love seeing records broken and milestones made. It makes me feel happy to see what the humankind can accomplish in modern day society.

A few months ago, no more than 5000 people had heard of Ouya and it may have never even seen the light of day as a finished product. Undoubtedly, without Kickstarter and the 63,416 backers, Ouya would still be a measly prototype sitting in an office somewhere. But, because of the internet, this product has been “kick-started” into a new level of importance. The amount of publicity this project has gained is phenomenal and I’m personally really looking forward to purchasing it later next year.


OUYA is a new Kickstarter project, and a popular one: it just broke the record for the fastest project to raise over a million dollars, and at the time of writing it’s close to raising $4,000,000.

The product they’re pitching is a $99 Android-powered console which you can plug in to your TV and control with a gamepad. They argue that, as good as PC and mobile gaming can be, the TV is where most people’s best gaming memories are formed, and that console games need to be cheaper to make and cheaper to buy.

It’s an idea that’s clearly resonated with a lot of people – but not everyone. Some argue that this is unnecessary, as an Android tablet can already be plugged into a TV and controlled with a gamepad. Some suspect that this will bring us little in the way of innovation, but lots in the way of big-screen Angry Birds and Farmville clones.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll buy one – I already have a gaming PC – but it’s piqued my interest. What about you?