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Have you noticed that we tend to forget our passwords when we need them the most? For instance, let’s say you need to check your account balance before writing a check, but can’t remember your credentials to do that. Or how about the time when you wanted to book a plane ticket and realized your credit card and passport weren’t at hand?

Thanks to SafeWallet, you can say goodbye to these embarrassing moments, as all your credentials and passwords are saved on your phone and even synchronized across devices and platforms. This way, your sensitive data will always be up to date and handy.


Over the past two weeks, we focused on making the sync process between your iOS and Android devices as easy as possible. We started by looking at keeping email, contacts and calendar data sync’ed, before recommending various solutions to replicate media content across devices.

This week we’ll take a more general approach and suggest various applications and services that save your content in the cloud and synchronize it transparently across devices and platforms. Whether you read articles and books on various phones and tablets, or need your notes and tasks sync’ed or simply want to keep track of your expenses across platforms, we’ve got the right apps for you!


I have a confession: for a long time my passwords probably weren’t as secure as they should have been. With personal accounts at over 60 websites, it was tough to manage them properly — not to mention all of the accounts I have for my clients. In short, I wasn’t managing secure data properly. Then my friend told me about Dashlane, a cross platform password manager with an Android client.


The world is a scary place. People want your data. These are facts of life and are the same whether you’re on Android, iOS, or some other platform. Some individuals will go to massive lengths to access your bank account, but for some it’s as simple as picking up your phone while you’re ordering your morning coffee.

This week we saw Android malware DroidDream hit more than fifty apps in the Market. As phones get smarter and smarter, and gain access to more and more of our sensitive data, we must be more and more aware of security in all aspects.

There’s a variety of solutions to eliminate the risk, both built into the Android OS itself and available as apps on the Market. We’ll cover both of these types of security in today’s Android How-To. (more…)