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In somewhat shocking news this week, Google announced that they would acquire Motorola Mobility. The company that bet it all on Android, making it the sole operating system on all of their smartphones, is now officially joining the Google family. There are many interpretations as to why Google and Motorola have agreed to this deal, but the primary motivation seems to be to protect and energize the Android operating system.


The great platform war has now shifted. Once it was a constant battle between Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s OS X, but with the rise in smartphones, it’s become a three-way split between those two mammoths of technology, and the search engine giant Google.

However, it seems like a truce is being formed between Microsoft and Apple, purely for the purpose of sinking the good ship Android by filling them with lawsuits. The very unique selling point of Android – its open source nature – might end up being its downfall as hardware makers are forced to pay up. (more…)