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Today I’m going to share my opinions about the relationship between Google and Android compared with Apple and iOS. For this post I’ll be putting aside all the technical and stylistic differences of these two platforms. Besides a few specific features Android and Apple are pretty much on par with each other, feature-wise. Yes, they’re two different types of platforms, but generally they’re very alike and aim to do the same job: provide users with a great smartphone OS. There’s no real way Google and Apple can be best of friends when they’ve got products so similar.


Patents. They’ve dominated a lot of the tech scene in the past few months, especially in relation to Samsung and Apple and their attempts to get each other’s toys taken away from them. It’s a tangled web of legal battles that’s spawned everything on the intellectual spectrum from serious discussions about the validity of each one’s claims to parody accounts on Twitter.

Even in the ramp up to the holidays, it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Today we’re going to look at some of the most recent developments in this category, including Samsung’s attempt to get a phone that’s only the subject of rumour banned. (more…)

I am a huge Google fan and a huge fan of Android OS. While I admit that the iPhone changed the smartphone market (how could I not), I still think that iOS leaves a lot to be desired, and that Android is a far superior mobile OS for many reasons.

However, a lot of people have trouble seeing that because of what the tech world now calls fragmentation – the fact that Android is on so many different devices. This has proven to be a challenge for Google because you may get a subpar device running Android, which reflects poorly on the OS. It’s for this reason (mainly) that I’m excited about the recent deal for Google to purchase Motorola’s mobile arm, Motorola Mobility.


From the erudite technology expert to the everyday blogger, the furore surrounding the heavyweights of the smartphone and tablet industry is generating a wonderfully stimulating blend of fierce discussion. These patent wars have not only captured the imagination of the avid tech enthusiasts among us, but have also made headline news across the globe.

As many of us start to draw our allegiances to our preferred brand for a battle that promises to be strenuous, drawn out, and riddled with underhand tactics, speculation is rife as to what lies ahead. How will Google fare in its new partnership with Motorola? Can HTC really succeed in its litigation battle against Apple? Will Apple ever be able to get along with anyone?!

I’ll leave those questions for another day (and let the complex and rather tedious details of patent infringement to be discussed in court) and focus on just one: has Apple taken its patent infringement claims too far?


As an observer, I find all these machinations around patents fascinating to watch: how the tech companies are buying patents from other companies to use as negotiating chips; how Apple is apparently suing everyone Android-related apart from Google themselves; and how Google are fighting back by buying Motorola Mobility (and their array of mobile patents).

In the last few days we’ve also seen allegations that Apple tampered with evidence in their case against the Samsung Galaxy Tab (albeit just one image in a whole case, as @Leonick91 pointed out on Twitter), and HTC suing Apple for infringing on their patents. Like I said, fascinating to watch.

However, as a consumer, I’m finding it all a bit tiresome. I just want companies to be able to make awesome products for me, without having to worry about whether their black rectangles look a bit too much like another company’s black rectangles.

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So Microsoft and Apple ganged up on Android and bought some mobile patents out from under their nose, and Google said that wasn’t cool and they were under attack, but Microsoft said they offered Google the chance to share the patents with them and Google turned them down, only, wait, that was for another set of patents, while in the meantime Apple are preventing Samsung from selling Android tablets because they might infringe on their patents, and…

Oh gosh. Let me start over.