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You have no doubt noticed that the longer you use your Android phone or tablet, the slower it can get. As well as a noticeable drop in performance, it’s also likely that storage space gets eaten up, apps start to hang and other problems might creep in. There are steps you can take from within Android that enable you to free up space, monitor the status of different aspects of your device and generally stay in control, but this will generally mean having to visit number of different areas of settings or making use of third party tools.

All-In-One Toolbox – or All-In-One Toolbox (17 Tools) to give the app its full title – aims to be very much what the name suggests, your one-stop-shop for all manner of maintenance and optimization tasks. The collection of tools includes a batch installer and uninstaller as well as a task management tool.


Have you ever wished to speed up your Android, but now known how? Have you tried task killers, but found it hard to tell whether you made an improvement? In this post, we’ll look at Autokiller Memory Optimizer, an app that gives you more control over how Android releases its system resources.


Though it is a brilliant and compact smartphone, HTC did regrettably hinder the Wildfire’s CPU and graphical processing capability. Due to the small 528mhz chip, people have often complained that the eyecandy transitions, default applications, and general experience can be a bit slow, laggy, or unpleasant. I have found this to be the case myself.

Since getting mine late last year I have found a few ways to reduce these problems and better my Wildfire’s overall user experience, as well as increase productivity and gain a few great applications too. Now I would like to share these tips with you! No purchases are needed. Rooting of your phone isn’t needed either.

Some of these performance boost techniques will be unnoticeable on higher-end devices, but do apply to most Android phones.

Android phones are useful, fun, and generally interesting, but when your phone has a battery that lasts all of five minutes, fear can be struck into even the bravest of people at the thought of having to leave the house for a few hours.

“Will my battery survive the day?” – an often-asked question amongst Android owners. With this guide I plan on improving your phone’s battery life by at least a few hours. Results will depend on your phone – its specifications, software version and usage.