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Have you noticed that we tend to forget our passwords when we need them the most? For instance, let’s say you need to check your account balance before writing a check, but can’t remember your credentials to do that. Or how about the time when you wanted to book a plane ticket and realized your credit card and passport weren’t at hand?

Thanks to SafeWallet, you can say goodbye to these embarrassing moments, as all your credentials and passwords are saved on your phone and even synchronized across devices and platforms. This way, your sensitive data will always be up to date and handy.


If you’re anything like me, you have at least a few dozen online accounts, with as many usernames and passwords and registration emails to keep track of, not to mention the multiple cards, banking details, family and travel information… How do you stay sane with all this personal data? How do you keep it with you at all times, yet securely so no one but you can access it? A few applications that store your delicate information and encrypt it are available for Android, and one new entrant is SPB Wallet. (more…)